multi unit properties for sale in Maine

Management Team / Options

Management: We have an experienced and capable management team ready to take over the minute closing is over.

Standard Magagement Company (Brent Brockway, owner)
Phone: 207.314.8021 (text or call)

A recent buyer of one of our Winslow properties uses and highly recommends a Bangor based company called Maine Real Estate Mgmt. I have reviewed their website and although I have no experience with them, I'd be comfortable trying them if the opportunity arose.

Amy Quirion of Maine Property Management. Fairly new to the business and shows promise!
22 Verti Drive, Winslow, Maine 04901
Phone: 207.649.4584 (text or call)

Jayne Roberge of Spectrum Properties of Maine. She is very popular in the Waterville area.

Maintenance & Repairs: Our head maintenance person, painter, and electrician have been with us for more than 5 years and are well known, trusted tradesmen among the residents & community. Additionally, we use the largest heating and plumbing contractor in Waterville (Houle's Plumbing & Heating) for reliable, consistent "low-hassle" service. Continue with our "A team" or use the reliable trusted people from Amy or Jayne's team.

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