multi unit properties for sale in Maine

Frequently Asked Questions

This page is dedicated to those prospects who send a stock email to us with a list of questions that are already answered in various places on the website. This page should direct you to all the answers, quickly & efficiently.

  • What's the exact address? All properties arein Waterville as follows: 28 & 60 are 28 & 60 Pleasant St., 17 is 17 Boutelle, 169 is 169 Silver St.
  • What is the current gross income? See our finances chart here
  • What are current expenses? (taxes insurance maintenance management utilities) Each property is dfferent. See our finances chart for an estimate, but I have a detailed spreadsheet available here.
  • Who handles management? Currently we do. If property is sold, we would refer you to one or more property managers in Waterville. (see our Management page here). We will stay on to make a smooth transition.
  • Have you calculated the NOI? Yes, see our finances chart here
  • Any repairs needed? See for a list of upgrades already done, and some we feel ought to be done.
  • Whats the vacancy like? Average annual occupancy is 98-99% (1-2% vacancy)
  • Why are you selling the property? Explained on the home page of website, as well as history page.
  • Please leave your number so we can reach you for further questions: Email & phone is listed on sidebar of every page of website.
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