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Property: 9D Waterville Maine

Four bedroom, single family home with great rental history. We had the metal roof painted, some electrical updates and added vinyl siding and insulation & did air sealing in 2010-2011, but otherwise building needs a good deal of TLC. We have been fortunate enough that a renter came along right after we bought the home and asked us for a lower rent in exchange for not doing any work on the home.

Right now, it rents to a single man, for $680 per month and he pays everything except water and sewer, which we pay for simplicity. City assessed value is about $41,000. There is a garage with old fashioned "barn type" doors and an attached workshop. No land to speak of but super low maintenance. House is one of only 5 houses on a dead end street (Dunbar Ct.)

Here's everything about 9 Dunbar Ct: Needs:
  • Complete painting
  • Complete flooring
  • New windows (current wooden, work fine, but should be replaced. We don't think the upstairs BR windows will pass code due to smaller size)
  • Cabinets in kitchen are dated but serviceable.
  • Could use new oil boiler. Current is serviced annually by Houle's Plumbing, oil usage probably in the 800-900 gallons per year range. Uses coil to heat hot water which means the boiler has to run year round.
  • Could use new lighting, switches and outlets throughout.
  • New countertops
  • New dishwasher (but refrig and stove were just replaced with decent used models)
  • Garage and workshop painted
  • Could use 100% new bathroom
  • Single family, 3-4 BR w/garage and workshop
  • AGI: $8,160 / $680 MGI /
  • NOI ~ $5,000
  • FIRM PRICE: $35,000