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Property: 28H Winslow Maine

8 Unit in Winslow Maine. Nice tenants, centrally located. A good place to be. Newer roof, vinyl siding, vinyly replacement windows. Most units have new paint & flooring. Easy to maintain & manage. There is very little land, so very little to maintain. Two units will need updating when they vacate but the current residents very well could be "lifers". As of 4-22-2018, there is one issue with the building. It does not have a 3rd floor means of escape that conforms to fire codes. We have met with the local code enforcer and fire chief and have created a solution but have not executed it yet, so we will either do so, or reduce the price for a buyer who wants to do that work themselves. (Basically two apartments on the 3rd floor need to be merged into one)
  • 8 units: four 2BR, four 1BR
  • List of upgrades & repairs
  • Owner occupied option: Live in larger 2BR, all housing expenses paid, earn $2,386 per month before financing
  • Sample bank financing: $2,178 MO based on 25% down, 20 year, 4.5% interest. (typical investment prop terms)
  • PRICE: $312,000 (price includes modifications & accounts for slight income reduction as a result. Will sell for $275,000 (100% firm) if buyer wants to do modifications)

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