multi unit properties for sale in Maine

Management Team / Options

We are offering to continue managing the buildings for a reasonable fee. Deb and I have been the only managers since inception and our head maintenance person, painter, and electrician have been with us for 3 years and are well known and trusted among the residents. Additionally, we use the largest heating and plumbing contractor in town. We're not certain how many years we'd be willing to commit to, but we are certainly open to providing management on a year to year contract basis.

The key advantage I see in having us continue management for at least a short time is a less "jarring" transition. Even though we may be selling the buildings, at least the tenants have the same managers and maintenance people to deal with. Once everything is smoothed out, the next step is finding your "permanent" team as Deb and I ride off into the sunset.

And although I cannot speak for my team, there's a strong possibility they'd be willing to continue under new leadership. Contact us now for more information